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Disney creates new digital animation process for "Big Hero 6"

When theatergoers see Disney’s “Big Hero 6” early next month, they’ll see another big-budget animated film that taps into the emotional dynamics of love, loss and courage that the studio made so successful in its previous film hit, “Frozen.”. But while watching the multicolored and near-future cityscape of San Fransokyo, the fast-paced chase scenes and the gee-wiz technology on full display in a film filled with laughs, manga and obscure Marvel heroes, will the movie’s viewers notice something else?
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Petition calls for Disney animated films to show heroes with Down syndrome

In the history of human storytelling, the flawed hero is as old as the story of Achilles that the ancient Greeks once told one another on the Acropolis hillside. In more modern times, though, and especially writ large on the silver screen, animated films have, for the most part, focused on heroic characters of outward and inner strength -- and, of course, fair young women of noble beauty.
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Plaintiffs want to expand lawsuit against Disney for how it treats guests with autism

Plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts want to expand their legal dispute against the entertainment giant over the way it treats its guests with autism. According to a report filed late Wednesday night at, the discrimination lawsuit against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts could almost triple if the plaintiffs get their way.
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Disney files patent applications to use drones in its theme parks

Reporter Steven Ford on Disney's recent application to use drones in their theme parks. Has Disney decided to go all in with the U.S. military’s anti-terrorism efforts? After all, why else would the company file patents to use drones? A closer look at Disney’s UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle] patent applications reveals language about the company’s plans for “entertainment” and “projections screens” at its theme parks, but surely that is just subterfuge in these dangerous times.
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SpaceX postpones rocket launch at Cape

If you looked eastward for the planned launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket early this morning, you probably were disappointed. The private space transport company delayed the planned 12:50 a.m. launch of a commercial satellite for AsiaSat from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station launch facilities. After a test flight involving another SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket failed dramatically last week in Texas, the company pushed back the current launch at the Cape by a day.
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Radio Disney to sell almost all of its radio stations

If you’re a Radio Disney fan who still listens to the network’s programming the old-fashioned way – you know, on the radio – you might want to tune out this latest news. Then again, there are so few Radio Disney listeners using AM and FM radio to tune in to the stations that this news might not affect too many of you.
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Co-director of "Frozen" will film classic "A Wrinkle in Time"

Let’s be clear from the beginning. There is such a thing as a tesseract, and Disney is going to let the writer and co-director of its wildly popular “Frozen” tackle a film adaptation of the sci-fi and fantasy classic that will explain it.
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Original story of Sleeping Beauty would have terrified even Maleficent

Earlier this spring, before this weekend’s release of Disney’s big-budget, live-action movie “Maleficent,” some observers were worried the film might be too scary for young viewers. Had many people actually been aware of the true narrative of “La Belle au bois dormant,” they probably would have considered the story line too shocking for most adults.
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Filmmaker wants to explore 'dark side' of Walt Disney World

Ever want to be part of a Disney production? Well, here’s your chance … sort of. A new Kickstarter campaign seeks a minimum of $20,000 to produce a documentary about the “dark side of Disney.”. For as little as $10, you’ll see your name in the film’s credits. Pay a lot more and you will get a park pass and the opportunity to drink around the World Showcase at Epcot with the filmmakers .
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Disney launches digital movie app

The launch of the app coincides with the digital release of the hugely popular Disney film “Frozen,” and users who start using the link now will even get a free digital copy of the Pixar hit “The Incredibles.”. The “Disney Movies Anywhere” app takes advantage of a Disney, Pixar and Marvel library collection of more than 400 titles.

50 years ago, Walt Disney saw Orlando as perfect site for new kingdom

Fifty years ago tomorrow, Orlando woke up to a fine fall day like the kind advertised in the tourist brochures in northern travel offices. Sapphire skies stretched over citrus groves, green scrub...

Steve Jobs and Walt Disney were focused on quality

Even before yesterday's news of the death of Steve Jobs , the Apple co-founder often was compared to another American inventor and creative force, Thomas Edison .
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